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Pterygium is a fibrous, non- malignant growth on the surface on the eye. It can cause redness, irritation, light sensitivity and blurring of the vision. It is caused by the solar UV radiation. The best protection from sunlight are sunglasses and heats, which can stop pterygium from growing.

When surgery is needed, it is performed under local anaesthetic and sedation. Pterygium is removed and a graft is positioned in its place to lower its chances of recurrence.  The graft is secured with the tissue glue, which has replaced sutures and improves the comfort after the surgery. The drops need to be taken for 4-6 weeks after the procedure. Perygium surgery usually needs to be done before the cataract surgery for the best visual results.

If you notice any changes on the surface of you eye, please have it checked.

Cancers can also develop on the surface of the eye and they need to be treated promptly before they invade surrounding structures.

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