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Abnormal position of the eyelids can lead to symptoms of eye watering, discomfort, dryness, redness and blurring. The eyelids might feel heavy and may contribute to eyestrain when reading.
Lower eyelids usually need to be tightened if they are too loose, or if they are rolling inwards and irritating eyes with eyelashes. Upper lids can be affected by neurological problems or muscle weakness. Often eyelid heaviness is caused by the stretched eyelid skin, which can be corrected surgically.

Skin cancers can develop on the eyelids and lid margins and need to be removed without a delay.

Cysts are more common. They are caused by a blockage of the eyelid glands, which become inflamed and infected. They are common in children and adults. Treatment with hot compresses and massage can get rid of them, but sometimes they need to be drained by us under a local anaesthetic.

If you notice any new changes on your eyelids, please have them checked.
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